John Scalzi the Fluffy

Hi, there. I’m John Scalzi. I used to have a longer biography entry up, but I find as I go along I’m less inclined to string things along for the purposes of self-aggrandizement. So here’s the shorter, bullet-pointed version. Everything’s current and accurate as of 10/27/2007.

  • Born May 10, 1969 in Fairfield, California.
  • Grew up in southern California, in the eastern San Gabriel Valley. I lived in various cities there but usually call Claremont my hometown.
  • Went to the Webb School of California for high school. Very positive experience.
  • Went to the University of Chicago for college. Also a very positive experience.
  • First job after college: Movie critic, at the Fresno Bee newspaper. Loads of fun.
  • Met my wife Kristine while in Fresno; we got married in 1995. Still married. Go, us.
  • Left Fresno in 1996 to take a job at America Online. Did that through 1998.
  • Became freelance writer in 1998; I’m still doing that now.
  • Started “Whatever,” my more-or-less daily blog, in September 1998. Still doing it, too.
  • Daughter Athena born in December 1998. Go, Athena.
  • First non-fiction book published in 2000; I’ve published five others since.
  • Moved to Bradford, Ohio in 2001, where I still live.
  • First fiction book published in 2005; I’ve published four others since.
  • My work is translated into languages I don’t speak. To date, these languages are Russian, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech and Estonian.
  • In 2006, I was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel, for Old Man’s War, which I didn’t win. Also nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, which I did win. In 2007, I was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. Missed out on that one. In 2008, I was nominated for both Best Novel (for The Last Colony) and Best Fan Writer, which I think is pretty neat.

And that’s where things stand at the moment. For more detailed information, including a complete bibliography, visit the Wikipedia entry on me. It’s generally accurate.