ArmadilloCon 39 Program Grid

Friday Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom F Southpark A Southpark B Conference Center Ballroom Foyer
4:00 PM Welcome to ArmadilloCon
S. Bobo, J. Gibbons*, A. Latner, K. Meschke
4:30 PM            
5:00 PM Writing Golden Age Fiction Today
L. Antonelli, A. Porter*, J. Reasoner, A. Simmons
SpaceX vs. NASA to Mars
J. Comer, B. Frank*, B. Mahoney, P. Rawlings
5:30 PM          
6:00 PM              
6:30 PM              
7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
A.T. Campbell, J. Gibbons, M. Nelson, T. Pierce, T. Quachri, N. Shawl, D. Webb*
7:30 PM             Foyer: Meet the Pros Party
8:00 PM They wrote YA before YA was Cool
J. Blaschke, D. Cherry*, J. Conner, P.J. Hoover, M. Mancusi, H. Walrath
Libraries and Librarians as Protagonists
M. Bey*, K. Catmull, D. Humphrey, A. Latner, J. Nevins
Gentleman Nerds Podcast
A. de Orive, Ma. Finn, Mi. Finn, J. Fotinos
How to Get the Most Out of Your Writing Group
D. Chang, U. Fung*, M. Muenzler, R. Schwarz, P. Sullivan
Timeless vs. Tired Tropes in SFF
S. Brust, A. Marmell, A. Martinez, S. Scarber*, T. Wagner, B. Wright
Gloria Oliver
8:30 PM Reading
Lou Antonelli
9:00 PM Tall Tales
B. Crider, S. Cupp*, J. Lansdale, W. Spencer
Frodo had Samwise, Han had Chewie...
C. Clevenger, R. Eudaly, Mi. Finn, J. Rountree, P. Sullivan*, S. White
The Once and Future Future
P. Rawlings
A. Lee Martinez
9:30 PM        
10:00 PM            

Saturday Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom F Southpark A Southpark B Conference Center Room 102 Room 104 Dealers' Room
9:30 AM     The Antikythera Mechanism
K. Baty
10:00 AM How much for just the asteroid?
B. Frank, B. Mahoney*, P. Rawlings, P. Sarath
Social Media for Writers
R. Klaw, A. Porter
Morning Pages
M. Cardin, R. Eudaly, K. Hoover, S. Leicht, J. Perez, R. Schwarz*
Challenges of writing for Games
T.E. Bakutis*, P. Benjamin, D. Chang, A. de Orive
10:30 AM Reading
Louise Marley
Rie Sheridan Rose
11:00 AM Short Fiction, Magazines vs. Online
D. Afsharirad, D. Cherry, G. Faust, Ma. Finn*, T. Quachri, P. Sarath
Science Fiction Set on Other Continents
J. Blaschke, N. Drayden, D. Hardy, G. Iglesias, N. Shawl*
Broken Tether Rendezvous
B. Mahoney
Magic Systems: How Much Should You Explain?
S. Brust*, A. Martinez, D. Liss, R. Neumeier, W. Spencer
Religious Horror and Horrific Religion
M. Cardin*, D. Johnson, N. Southard
Joe R. Lansdale
Martha Wells
S. Allen, L. Antonelli, L.T. Duchamp, P.J. Hoover
11:30 AM Reading
C. J. Mills
Noon Fannish Feud!
J. Blaschke, N. Shawl, T. Quachri, D. Webb, Ma. Finn*, S. Bobo, J. Brown, A.T. Campbell, J. Juday
American Gods
M. Bey*, K. Catmull, G. Oliver, A. de Orive, P.J. Hoover, S. Leicht
Writing in the Anthropocene
C. Brown*, M. Dimond, L.T. Duchamp, A. Simmons, T. Wagner, S. White
Texas Dark and Twisted
C. R. Cargill, S. Cupp*, G. Faust, L. Person, W. Spencer, H. Waldrop
Fantastic Settings
T.E. Bakutis, P. Benjamin, M. Mancusi, R. Neumeier*, S. Skorkowsky
Barbara Wright
Alan J. Porter
J. Comer, J. Wells, M. Wells
12:30 PM Reading
Marshall Ryan Maresca
Nate Southard
1:00 PM Aging and Ageism in Science Fiction
J. Comer, B. Crider, L.T. Duchamp*, A. Simmons
Clarke's Law
L. Antonelli, D. Cherry, S. Gonzalez, A. Latner*, M. Maresca, A. Martinez
Artist Guest Slide Show
M. Nelson
Poetry Thunderdome
M. Muenzler, J. Perez*, R. Rose, H. Walrath
Don Webb: The Stories Before the Stories
D. Webb
Jaye Wells
Derek Austin Johnson
J. Conner, Mi. Finn, J. Jacobs, W. Spencer
1:30 PM Reading
Christopher Brown
Shawn Scarber
2:00 PM Editor Guest Interview
T. Quachri, J. Gibbons*
Pantsing vs. Outlining
C. Clevenger*, B. Crider, N. Southard, J. Reasoner, J. Wells, M. Wells
Bollywood Science Fiction & Fantasy
M. Bey
Rules of the Game
T.E. Bakutis, P. Benjamin, S. Brust, U. Fung, D. Humphrey, A. Marmell*
Flavors of Flash Fiction
D. Cherry, N. Drayden, R. Eudaly, J. Lansdale, R. Rose*,
Claude Lalumière
Jess Nevins
M. Cardin, G. Iglesias, A. Latner, M. Mancusi, M. Nelson, T. Pierce
2:30 PM Reading
Rebecca Schwarz
Jayme Lynn Blaschke
3:00 PM Guest of Honor Interview
N. Shawl, C. Brown*, M. Dimond*
Novellas (non tele)
J. Reasoner, A. Simmons*, W. Spencer, H. Waldrop, C. Ward, M. Wells
Movies You Should Have Seen
A.T. Campbell, A. de Orive, D. Johnson, R. Klaw*, G. Oliver
Middle grade/YA science fiction
P.J. Hoover, J. Jacobs, D. Liss, C.J. Mills*, J. Moore, R. Neumeier
Illustrator / artist of the times
B. Foster, J. Picacio*, P. Rawlings,
Writing 101
L. Antonelli, M. Bracken, S. Allen, K. Catmull, G. Iglesias, M. Cardin*
Juan Perez
J. Blaschke, K. Hoover, S. Leicht, B. Mahoney, T. Prevost
3:30 PM Reading
Michelle Muenzler
4:00 PM Special Guest Interview
T. Pierce, P. Sarath*
Benefit Auction
J. Blaschke*
How to sell to Analog (and other markets)
A. Latner*, T. Quachri, S. Scarber, H. Waldrop, C. Ward
Women in Caskets Podcast
J. Brown, D. Humphrey
ST/TNG: A Generation Later
R. Eudaly, P.J. Hoover, R. Klaw, D. Liss, A. Porter*, H. Walrath
Don Webb
L. Timmel Duchamp
Sitting Pilates for the Sedentary
D. Cherry
C. Brown, K. Catmull, N. Drayden, D. Johnson, A. Martinez, J. Nevins
4:30 PM Reading
Matthew Bey
5:00 PM Reading
Tamora Pierce
Writing the Other
N. Shawl, C. Ward
The Return of the Feminist Horror Panel
G. Faust, Mi. Finn, D. Humphrey, D. Johnson, S. Leicht*, J. Nevins
Fan Guest Interview
A.T. Campbell, M. Wells*, T. Wilson*
Adrian Simmons
Dantzel Cherry
B. Crider, S. Cupp, C. Lalumière, D. Liss, T. Quachri, J. Picacio
5:30 PM   Reading
Rhonda Eudaly
E.J. Fischer, J. Reisman
6:00 PM                  
6:30 PM                  
7:00 PM Short story vs novel
T.E. Bakutis, U. Fung, M. Muenzler, L. Marley*, P. Sarath, W. Spencer,
Art Auction
S. Zrubek
MST3K: It's baaack!
M. Bey*, J. Brown, J. Nevins, L. Person, S. Skorkowsky, S. Gonzalez,
Clarke's Vision - Nuts & Bolts vs. Visionary
L. Antonelli, P. Hemstreet, Mi. Finn, J. Gibbons*, J. Moore
LGBTQA+ Alphabet Soup & Sci-Fi/Fantasy
M. Dimond, L.T. Duchamp, A. Latner*, C. Ward, B. Wright
Nicky Drayden
Gabino Iglesias
7:30 PM Reading
Stina Leicht
Scott A. Cupp
8:00 PM Junk Food Cinema Podcast
C. R. Cargill, B. Salisbury
Fiction for Empathy
S. Brust*, K. Catmull, C. Clevenger, C. Lalumière, J. Reisman, S. Scarber
Pick your Poison: Dystopian vs. Post-Apocalyptic
J. Conner, G. Faust*, J. Jacobs, T. Wagner
You have a great idea for a story -- Now what?
L. Marley*, M. Maresca, J. Moore, T. Prevost, B. Wright
Mark Finn
Matt Cardin
8:30 PM Reading
Michael Ashleigh Finn
9:00 PM Zombie Flicks
P. Benjamin, M. Bey, C. Clevenger*, D. Humphrey, J. Jacobs, D. Johnson
Technology - Art - Business
B. Foster*, M. Nelson, P. Rawlings
Clarke's Legacy
J. Comer, P. Hemstreet, K. Hoover, A. Latner, B. Mahoney*, T. Wagner
Patrice Sarath
Serial Killer: Books that ended a series
G. Faust*, C.J. Mills, T. Prevost
David Afsharirad
Seth Skorkowsky
9:30 PM Reading
Sanford Allen
Patrick Sullivan
Holly Lyn Walrath
10:00 PM Professor Griffin Presents: Hammer Time!
J. Fotinos*, J. Brown, D. Humphrey, A. de Orive, Ma. Finn, Mi. Finn
10:30 PM                

Sunday Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom F Southpark A Southpark B Conference Center Room 102 Dealers' Room
11:00 AM Research techniques for worldbuilding in Science Fiction and Fantasy
J. Comer, N. Drayden, M. Maresca, L. Marley*, T. Pierce
The state of Comics
P. Benjamin, A.T. Campbell, M. Nelson, G. Oliver, A. Porter*, T. Quachri
Short story markets
D. Cherry, M. Muenzler, J. Rountree, R. Schwarz*, N. Southard,
Spirituality in Science Fiction and Fantasy
J. Gibbons, A. Latner, C.J. Mills*, D. Webb
Preview of World Fantasy 2017
J. Miles, M. Wells*
David Hardy
D. Afsharirad, M. Bey, S. Brust, R. Eudaly, J. Reasoner, N. Shawl
11:30 AM Reading
T. Eric Bakutis
Noon Clarke Centenial: 2001 Space Oddysey
D. Afsharirad, C. R. Cargill, D. Chang, B. Frank*, B. Mahoney, S. Gonzalez,
Planning and writing a Series
S. Brust, M. Maresca, C.J. Mills*, T. Pierce, S. Skorkowsky, J. Wells,
Nisi Shawl
Western and Noir Themed Speculative Fiction
B. Crider, K. Hoover, G. Iglesias, R. Klaw, J. Lansdale*, A. Marmell,
Handmaid's Tale Revisited
P. Benjamin, G. Faust, P.J. Hoover*, D. Humphrey, T. Prevost, S. Leicht
J. Picacio
Alexis Glynn Latner
D. Cherry, J. Reisman, C. Ward
12:30 PM Reading
John K. Gibbons
1:00 PM What SF&F Novels should you have read this year?
C. Brown*, L.T. Duchamp, J. Jacobs, M. Muenzler, W. Siros, T. Wagner
Dystopias (and utopias) in a dystopian age
L. Antonelli, D. Hardy*, P.J. Hoover, J. Reisman, S. White
Swan Song at Saturn
J. Gibbons
The New Golden Age
P. Hemstreet, C. Lalumière, J. Nevins, R. Schwarz*
Love. Craft. Lovecraft
S. Allen, J. Conner, L. Person, N. Southard, D. Webb*
J. Comer
J. Brown, G. Faust, J. Perez, A. Porter, J. Rountree, B. Wright
1:30 PM Reading
Rick Klaw
2:00 PM Slavery Themes in SF & F
L.T. Duchamp*, S. Leicht, J. Perez, T. Pierce, N. Shawl
Best SF TV Series Evah!
J. Conner, Mi. Finn, M. Maresca*, A. Porter, J. Rountree
What Shorter SF&F works should you have read this year?
D. Afsharirad, S. Allen*, R. Schwarz, H. Walrath
Writing for Anthologies
M. Bracken, S. Cupp, C. Lalumière*, C. Ward
Cartography & Maps in Sf/Fantasy
Ma. Finn, D. Hardy, J. Jacobs, R. Rose*
Joint Reading
S. Brust, S. White
P. Hemstreet, L. Marley, A. Marmell, N. Southard, H. Waldrop, D. Webb
2:30 PM  
3:00 PM Pictionary
S. Bobo, A.T. Campbell, Ma. Finn, B. Foster, A. Martinez*, M. Nelson
Howard Waldrop

  What is this thing Called Plot?
L. Antonelli, M. Bracken, U. Fung, J. Lansdale*, L. Marley, B. Wright
M. Maresca, R. Rose, S. Skorkowsky, S. Gonzalez
3:30 PM