ArmadilloCon 36


FRI 6-9 PM
Beginner Friendly Card Games like Resistance: Avalon, Fluxx and Castle Panic
Advanced Card Games like Dominion, Munchkin and Race for the Galaxy

FRI 9-Close
Merchant of Venus

7 Wonders and Dungeon Lords

Catan and Munchkin Quest

Ticket to Ride and Revolution

SAT 8-12PM
Munchkin Tournament
Rail Games like Empire Builder, German Rails and 1830

Card Games

The Tournament is currently just for prestige. No prize is offered at this time.

These are the games we will have available. Feel free to bring your own.

Card games in the library:
1995: The War of Espionage - Two player cold war influence game
Core Worlds: spaceship fleet deck building and planet conquering
Dominion: Intrigue with Prosperity and Dark Ages expansions - Short and satisfying deck building
Fluxx - card game that changes the rules as you play
Munchkin with More Good Cards expansion - D&D without the role playing and lots of laughs
Race for the Galaxy - planetary conquest card game for two to four players
Starship Catan - Catan card game for two players

Board games in the library:
1830 - Railroading with stocks and hexagon tracks
7 Wonders - fast playing simultaneous wonder building
Agricola - be a farmer or rancher or miner and make some hay
Alhambra - card building in the middle east; fun for kids
Attika - Greek city building game
Carcassonne - "Medieval Dominoes"
Castle Panic - defend the castle with friends
Catan - build roads, found cities, move robbers and trade goods
Catan Junior - build Pirate Lairs, sail Pirate Ships, move Ghost Pirates and trade goods
Clue - Prof. Plum did it in the Library with the Rope
Crows - these birds love trinkets
Devon - Checkers on steroids
Dungeon Lords: Hire monsters, build rooms, buy traps, and keep the loot away from the heroes
Forbidden Island: Team work treasure hunting
German Rails - ignore long german historical names with simple stock ownership and tracks
Go - even computers can't beat the humans in the territory acquiring game
Java - Production and trading game
Merchant of Venus - 2nd edition but we only play the classic space trucker version
Munchkin Quest - the card game with a dungeon you build and monsters than lurk and fight
Nippon Rails - An Empire Builder railroad game set in Japan
Outpost - Economic management and auction in space; 25 years and still fun
Pizzaro - Captain a ship during colonial times
RISK: Godstorm - underworld battles and sinking continents in this variation on the classic territory war game
Settlers of Catan - Build a city-state from trading resources while avoiding the robber
Revolution - Blind Auction to control medieval town; fast play with catch-up strategies
Power Grid - Auction game and econ management with Power Plants
Puerto Rico - command a plantation while sharing roles of Mayor, Captain, Builder, etc.
ScrumBrawl - monster rugby
Smallworld - Secure your territory before your current race goes into decline
Ticket to Ride - train route hoarder with cards and no money
Tigris & Euphrates - Abstract war in the middle east
Tsuro - Quick map building game where the paths may lead to your doom

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* Special Guest Ian McDonald was made possible with a grant from A.L.A.M.O.
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