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Special Guest of Honor: Ian McDonald

Ian McDonaldIan McDonald is a British science fiction novelist, living in Belfast. His themes include nanotechnology, post-cyberpunk settings, and the impact of rapid social and technological change on non-Western societies. He is known for his work set in developing nations. His 1990s 'Chaga Saga' is particularly notable for its analysis of the AIDS crisis in Africa. His 2004 River of Gods is set in mid-21st-century India, and his 2007 Brasyl (2007), set in the 18th and 21st centuries in Lusophone South America, was nominated for, and reached the longlist of, the £50,000 Warwick Prize for Writing.

He has won a Locus Award, Phillip K. Dick Award (1), British Science Fiction Association Award (2), John W. Campbell Memorial Award, Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis, and Theodore Sturgeon Award. He has been nominated for, but did not win, a Nebula (2), Arthur C. Clarke Award (4) British Science Fiction Association Award (2), John W. Campbell Memorial Award (3), Hugo Award (3), Locus SF Award, Locus Fantasy Award, and Locus Award.

Ian is considered one of the best science fiction writers in the twenty-first century.

Guest of Honor: Ted Chiang

Ted ChiangTed Chiang (born 1967) is an American speculative fiction writer.

Chiang has to date won a string of prestigious speculative fiction awards for his works: a Nebula Award for "Tower of Babylon" (1990), the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1992, a Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for "Story of Your Life" (1998), a Sidewise Award for "Seventy-Two Letters" (2000), a Nebula Award, Locus Award and Hugo Award for his novelette "Hell Is the Absence of God" (2002), a Nebula and Hugo Award for his novelette "The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate" (2007), and a British Science Fiction Association Award, a Locus Award, the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for "Exhalation" (2009). His 2010 story "The Lifecycle of Software Objects" won both the Hugo and the Locus Award for best novella.

In 2013, his collection of translated stories Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes won the German Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis as best foreign fiction.

Editor Guest of Honor: Jacob Weisman

Jacob WeismanJacob Astrov Weisman (born February 23, 1965) is an American editor of Science Fiction and Fantasy. He founded Tachyon Publications, an independent publishing house specializing in genre fiction, in 1995. His writing has appeared in The Nation, Realms of Fantasy, The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Seattle Weekly, The Cooper Point Journal, and in the college textbook, Sport in Contemporary Society, edited by D. Stanley Eitzen. He has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1999, 2009 and 2010 for his work at Tachyon. Tachyon has out an original series of Hugo, Nebula, and Sturgeon award-winning novellas and have brought out-of-print classics to new generations of readers. Award-winning authors and editors include Peter S. Beagle, Joe R. Lansdale, Patricia McKillip, Tim Powers, Nancy Kress, Charles de Lint, Michael Moorcock, Kage Baker, James Morrow, Cory Doctorow, Jeff VanderMeer, Carol Emshwiller, Thomas M. Disch, James Tiptree, Jr. and many others.

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Artist Guest of Honor: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Stephanie Pui-Mun LawStephanie Pui-Mun Law (born 1976) is an American painter and illustrator who works predominantly in watercolor and whose art is inspired by, and depicts scenes of fantasy, the Other World, and the surreal. She has also been influenced by the art of the Impressionists, Pre-Raphaelites, and Surrealists, as well as other contemporary popular fantasy artists. Wizards of the Coast has used Law's work in products for their Forgotten Realms campaign setting, as well as their Magic: the Gathering collectible card game.

Her work has appeared in three books by David Riche (The Art of Faery, World of Faery and Watercolor Fairies) and she has done cover art for several books by Catherine Asaro, published by Luna Books (an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises). She did the cover art for Young Arcan and the Garden of Loc, by Matthew R. Milson. She is also the author of tutorial book "Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds In Watercolor" published by Impact Books.

Law's portfolio of published work and list of clients also includes White Wolf (Changeling: The Lost), Precedence Entertainment (Wheel of Time collectible card game, Rifts collectible card game), HarperCollins (covers for The Demon Child Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon), Realms of Fantasy magazine, Carus Publishing Company (known for their magazines for elementary/junior high/high school readers such as Cricket and Cicada), Elemental Designer Games (ChessMage collectible card game), Skotos (Castle Marrach role-playing game), Alderac Entertainment Group (Warlord, Seventh Sea, and Legend of the Five Rings collectible card games), Talislanta, and Black Knight Games.

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Science Guest of Honor: Sigrid Close

Sigrid CloseSigrid Close is a professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University. Her primary research interest is the space environment with particular focus on meteoroids, meteors, and orbital debris, and their interaction with spacecraft and spacecraft operations.

Professor Close's research involves space weather detection and modeling for improved spacecraft designs, and advanced signal processing and electromagnetic wave interactions with plasma for ground-to-satellite communication systems. These topics fall under the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) umbrella that include environmental remote sensing using satellite systems and ground-based radar.

In 2011, Professor Close co-hosted season three of National Geographic Channel's Known Universe documentary series along with David E. Kaplan, Andy Howell, Michael J. Massimino, and Steve Jacobs. In 2010, she won an NSF Career Award and a Hellman Faculty Fellowship award for her meteor research, and in 2013 she was selected for a DoE Early Career Award for her work on hypervelocity impact plasmas.

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Fan Guest of Honor: Michael Walsh

Michael WalshWalsh has been active in fandom since the 1960s. He attended his first science fiction convention in 1968, and was chair of ConStellation, the 1983 Worldcon in Baltimore. He chaired the World Fantasy Convention twice, in 1995 in Baltimore, and in 2003 in Washington DC; Balticon 15 in 1981; Disclaves in 1985, 1989, and 1992 (co-chair); and Capclave in 2005. He was Fan Guest of Honor at Unicon, 1983; Balticon 29 (1995); Lunacon, 1997; Context, 1999; ConQuesT 33 (2002). In 2006 he was made a Fellow of NESFA. He attends Baltimore Science Fiction Society meetings, and is a member of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA). He will be co-chairing World Fantasy in 2014 in Crystal City, VA.

He is a part-time publisher and worked full time from 1988 - 2011 as a sales manager for Johns Hopkins University Press. He has worked in the book industry in some capacity for most of his life. He has developed his publishing for a niche market that traditional publishers do not serve. In 2009, he received a World Fantasy Award for publishing a Howard Waldrop short story collection, the Special Award - Non-Professional, having been nominated twice before.

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Toastmaster: Mario Acevedo

Mario AcevedoMario as born in El Paso, Texas, and spent most of his childhood in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with travels to visit family in Pacoima, California, and Chihuahua, Mexico. After graduating from New Mexico State University, he was commissioned into the Army to serve in the Infantry where he finally got to play with machine guns. Later he hoodwinked the Army into letting him fly attack helicopters. (If you’ve ever seen him drive, you’ll wonder about the wisdom of letting him have the controls of an aircraft.)

Subsequent life as a civilian has been like living in a pinball machine. He worked as an engineer in corporate America and got downsized. Earned his masters’ in Information Systems from the University of Denver and found another corporate gig. Saw that job sail across the Pacific when he was outsourced and laid off again. Thankfully, he has two bright and handsome sons in college who will take care of him as he grows older.

All this time he was scribbling his stories, sending them out, and collecting rejection slips. What changed his luck was joining the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers which introduced him to real authors and the advice needed to get published. Now he's busy writing his Felix the vampire detective novels. And he's decided that he no longer wants a machine gun for Christmas.

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