Bill CriderBill Crider the Outrageous

Bill Crider has been attending SF conventions for around 30 years now, though he hasn’t aged a day. Most of his published work has been in the mystery field, where he’s won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel and for Best Short Story (a collaboration with his wife, Judy).  He was nominated for an Edgar Award for his story “Cranked” in 2007.

That’s not to say Bill hasn’t written SF.  He won a Golden Duck Award for Best Juvenile SF Novel, and he’s written a number of stories that would fall loosely into the SF field, including three with a werewolf detective.  He’s been reading and collecting SF for longer than most people at this convention have been around, having started in the early 1950s with Heinlein’s juveniles, the Winston series of SF novels, and the Mars tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs before moving on to the digest magazines of the time, for which he retains a great affection.

Bill’s first (and only) entry onto the New York Times Bestseller list came as a result of his having a vampire story in Many Bloody Returns, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni Kellner.  You can help him make it to the list on his own by buying his latest Sheriff Dan Rhodes novel.  That is, you can if copies are available in the dealers’ room.